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Experience Marcos dictatorship in Thailand
By: Joel Ruiz Butuyan
IF FILIPINO voters who are motivated with a longing to bring back the Marcos years will have their way in the May elections, all Filipino Facebook users will be in jail.
This was my conclusion after a four-day stay in Thailand last week to witness the court trials of two political prisoners, and to meet with journalists and lawyers who are fighting to keep the embers of freedom alive despite the authoritarian rule of a military junta.
I was in Thailand as the representative of the Center for International Law (Centerlaw), a nongovernment organization founded by my colleague Harry Roque. Centerlaw represents victims of human rights violations, especially persecuted advocates of freedom of expression. It is working to strengthen the network of free expression advocates in Southeast Asia.
For four days, I listened to stories of arbitrary arrest and detention, intimidation, and some instances of torture committed by the very government that is supposed to protect the Thai citizenry against such crimes. It is all too reminiscent of the martial rule of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines.
The Thai military junta, euphemistically known as the National Council for Peace and
Order, mounted a coup d’état and ousted the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. The junta imposed martial law when it seized power in May 2014, and while the regime officially lifted it in April 2015, Thailand remains under martial rule because the junta continues to wield executive, legislative and judicial powers. It is all too similar to Marcos who imposed martial law in 1972, officially lifted it in 1981, but continued to act as dictator by exercising executive and legislative powers until he was toppled by people power in February 1986.
The Thai junta bans all criticism of its actions. It can jail violators for as…...

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