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GB530 Marketing Management: Brand Extension Marketing Plan

Brand Extension Marketing Plan
The new product I plan on implementing is a non-touch toilet flush. The flush will be controlled by the sound of a clap, with a double clap indicating for a full flush, while a single clap would indicate a half flush. It is a simple idea that will be called a simple name “CLAP2FLUSH”. This will be an additional option along with the traditional style of flushing currently in markets with goal of eliminating the traditional style. The intent is to save consumers the amount of water used each time they flush the toilet. A typical household of four uses 260 gallons of water each day. Much of this water is used in the bathroom. Toilets use 40% of the total, showers/baths and faucets use 35%. By contrast, 15% is used in the kitchen, and 10% for washing clothes. If we give people the option of using less water to flush instead of 5 gallon of water every time you touch the flush, I believe this product would be a great product that will generate revenue.
The name for the for- Profit Organization will be called MAYAT’D.
I will use many of the facts already provided on toilet use and the amount of water used in the household like some of the one’s I just mentioned , along with getting with potential amount of saving consumers can save with the product by researching average water bill in different communities.

This product will start domestically with the option of going global depending on demand and profitability. The focus will be mainly domestic because enough research and prove will be needed to show that the product is one that saves consumers money. It may be a little difficult to attain this information internationally,…...

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