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What is referencing?
Referencing is acknowledging all of the material (books, articles, electronic resources – collectively known as your sources) that you have used in writing your assignment. Because this is other people’s work / ideas, you need to acknowledge their influence and ideas within your work.

“Why bother?”

or Reasons for referencing

Referencing is an academic requirement. It is unethical (and can be illegal) to pass off the intellectual property of others as your own. This is called plagiarism. Plagiarism is regarded as a very serious offence (see your programme’s Student Handbook). Learning to reference correctly is your best protection against charges of plagiarism. HINT: Whenever you read, take notes, or photocopy any material that you might use in an assignment, immediately copy the full reference information onto your copy. If you can’t reference it – you can’t use it !

What is APA?
There are multiple “styles” of referencing. The major ones are the Chicago, Harvard and APA styles. Each is slightly different from the other. The AUT faculty of Health uses the American Psychological Association (APA) system of referencing. The current edition of the APA style is the 5th edition. Below are the basic elements of the APA style of referencing. These are intended as guidelines only. You may find these guidelines do not cover your specific needs. For further information you can consult the APA style manual held in the library. The Call No. is D 808.06615 PUB. For electronic references the APA keep the most recent guidelines on their website at

APA referencing
The APA style requires referencing in two different places. 1. Within the body of your assignment or in-text referencing. The author and the year (and page numbers for direct quotes) are written into the text itself, next to where the information /…...

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...Iphone Marketin MIX When it comes to Apple Corporation, I always expect something new, something sensational, something transformational. They made Mac that realized Graphic User Interface before Microsoft’s Windows and actually enabled us to call personal computer from just computer. They made the iPod which not only boost sales and shares of Apple and saved from the crisis but also put Steve Jobs at the center of attention. Facing 35% shares down and softened consumption that probably caused by sub prime mortgage, Can iPhone be killer product for Apple? I am going to approach iPhone’s marketing plan from the business perspective. PRODUCT ”The iPhone is like the Mac for mobile.” says Jakob Nielsen. Indeed, iPhone’s major appeal might be the function as a tiny Mac computer. iPhone has capability to operate a various software and it has touch screen only interface. People can have videoconference and get the latest information as they wish through the iPhone. PRICE Researching ebay, I found that iPhone 8GB is being sold with around $430. Even though Apple built the premium image and has a number of loyal customers, considering current softened consumption and competition model, Blackberry, the price $430 seems to be way too expensive. I think $370 is proper price point. PLACE You can get iPhone in the AT&T or Apple store. However, I couldn’t find iPhone in Walmart and BestBuy’s web page. They sell iPhone’s accessory but iPhone. However, I don’t think that the......

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...MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS (BMAN 70441) University Student ID: 7922185(0) Application of the marketing mix is no longer relevant for firms adopting a contemporary approach to marketing. Is this statement true? Write an essay that critically assesses this statement with reference to relevant literature and briefly outline suitable practical examples of firm’s practices where appropriate. Introduction Marketing developed as a distinctive management function in the period between the First World War and the Second World War (Lindgreen et al., 2004) which according to Marshall (1927) focused purely on distribution and exchange of goods. Period through the 1950s and 1960s as observed by (Borden, 1964) saw a tremendous increase in the evolution and interest in the subject of marketing, leading to the development of the concept of transactional marketing. The Marketing Mix Model also called as transaction marketing has been used as a corner stone of marketing for virtually four decades (Grönroos, 1994). Since its inception, McCarthy’s (1964) Four Ps- Product, Promotion and Place have been of utmost importance in the marketing management text (Yudelson, 1999). The model has seen little change since 1950s and as time has progressed; goods and services have noticeably transformed, both in terms of appearance and perceived value (Grönroos ,1994). Piller and Müller (2004) further observed that the customers had changed...

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