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February 13, 2010

Entrepreneurial Leadership

When it comes to entrepreneurial leadership, entrepreneurs Steve Case and James Kouzes share similar theories and philosophies oh how his leadership style works. Steve Case identifies a concise theory as the foundation of successful entrepreneurs, using the three P’s (people, passion, and perseverance). Cases believes that “if you have all three P’s in the right balance, almost anything is possible; on the hand if you don’t have the three P’s nothing is possible(Case)”. Out of all the technological, invention, innovative projects that Case has been apart of, he has been capable to test and prove accuracy of his 3 P’s theory and that it is truly a formula for success. Along with the three P’s, Case also believed that it necessary to “swing for the fences” and take risks that no one else would dare think about doing (Case). With the birth and growth of AOL, came ample success, as well has opened the gateway for additionally innovative technology. Case and his partners took risks that other companies refused to take, such as the “razor and blades” concepts, and once they finished one project, whether it succeeded or failed, they were also looking for the next project that would take the world by storm. (Case)
Although, Kouzes approaches his philosophy from a different point of view, he uses the same elements as Case does with his three P’s. Kouzes utilizes a system which he calls “the five basic points that leaders should use motivation”. His five points are model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenging the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart (Kouzes). The five principles, according to Kouzes will shape and model an effective leader. Enable others to act and challenging process are both steps that…...

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