Managing a Financial Case

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Making a Financial Case

Name: Darren Owen
Organisation: ERIKS UK
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Introduction to Organisation ERIKS Industrial Distribution Uk is the UK division of SHV Holdings, which is the largest privately owned trading company in the Netherlands.In 1962 two black country businessmen set up a company called WYKO, supplying local businesses with bearings and power transmission products. Over the next 40 years the company grew to have over 100 branches including several repair divisions.In 2006 Dutch engineering company ERIKS purchased WYKO and instantly became Europe’s market leader for industrial products and services .By 2012 ERIKS had 65 group companies covering 27 countries.In 2009 the ERIKS group was purchased by SHV Holdings a privately owned company. SHV started in the mid 1890,s selling coal; they moved into oil and petrol and even established the Makro cash and carry stores.SHV is currently in the top 100 of the world’s largest privately owned groups with a workforce of approximately 65000 people in 48 countries, generating a turnover of 20 Billion Euros.I work for the Integrated Solutions Division of ERIKS. | |
Since its creation in 1997, ERIKS Integrated Solutions Division has successfully managed client´s MRO Procurement functions as well as their MRO stores operations.

These activities have generated significant total cost down benefits for many clients over the past 10 years, with the division currently operational on site at 100 manufacturing locations across the UK and Ireland.

Own Role
My own role is currently as “Assistant Contract Manager”, where I assist the Contract Manager on the large Dairy Crest Contract, 7 dairies in England that we operate on site at – Chadwell, Hanworth, Davidstow, Severnside, Foston, Nuneaton and Kirkby. I also have my own two contracts – National Grid in Avonmouth and New…...

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