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Rizal’s Letter to his countrymen To the Filipinos: The step which I have made or will miss is without doubt, very risky, I need not say that I have given it much thought. I know that almost all are opposed to it. But I also know that non knows what is happening in my heart. I cannot live knowing that many suffer unjust persecutions because of me. I cannot live seeing my brothers and their numerous families persecuted like criminals.

I prefer to face death and I give my life willingly free so many innocent persons from unjust persecutions know that for the moment, the future of my country gravitates in part around me; that once I am dead, may will triumph; and that consequently above all, I have duties of families who suffer and to my age parents whose sighs tugs at my heart.

I know that with my death, I can make them happy and restore them to their country and the peace of their homes. I know nobody else but my parents; but my country has many more sons who can substitute me with advantage .Besides, I would like to make those who deny patriotism see that we know how to die for duty and for convictions.

What matters death if one dies for the thing he loves ,for country, and for those he adores? I know that I would be the only rally point of politics in the Philippines and if I were convinced that my countrymen would utilize my services. I would have probably hesitated to take this step. But there are still others who can take my place and with advantage. Moreover, there are those who find me extra burden and will not utilize my services and force me into inaction.

I have always loved my poor country and I am sure that I’ll love her to the last moment, although men are unjust to me. My future, my life, my joys, all I have sacrificed for her. Whatever happens, I shall die blessing her and desiring for her the dawn of her…...

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