Making It in America Summary

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Making It in America Summary
In the article “Making It in America,” Adam Davidson interviewed employees at Standard Motor Products. According to Davidson “The industrial shift from workers to machines have created high opportunities for some and limited jobs for others.” Adam received a tour of the plant from Toni Scalzitti, manager.
He interviewed Maddie Parlier, an unskilled worker. She had little education and no experience. Since Maddie was quick and effective, this job was perfect for her. If Maddie had a higher education, she would have had a better job and higher wage. However, during her senior year of high school, she ended up pregnant which forced her to take a local job. Her job was to run the laser-welding machine which only required her to place parts in the machine and press a button to make sure it welded correctly, then pass it to the next machine. Since this is an unskilled job there is a chance she will get replaced by a new machine. In the last thirty years computers or machinery have replaced many of the workers because they are less cost effective, and produce more products at a faster rate. In this case, Maddie held her job because she saved the company money by less product damage.
Luke Hutchins, another worker, is considered one of the highest skilled machine operators because he has six full semesters of experience, not only computer language but, machine tooling. By the time he was hired, he already obtained “two years of technical schoolwork and five years of on-the-job experience”(322). His job consisted of “adjusting the machine 20 times,” then “tell the computer to move the tool a few microns closer”(323). Completed incorrectly, the equipment could be destroyed and the company would lose thousands of dollars. Education and experience allowed him to obtain a better job with higher pay.

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