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Unit abstract

The aim of this unit is to act as a focal point for all other units in the programme and embed the vocational nature of the qualification. In addition to the requirement for work experience and the opportunity to relate theory to practice, the unit will enable you to bring together your learning from other units.

You will initially explore factors that affect learning, then plan and monitor your own personal and professional development and reflect on it. You will also gain key understanding of the health and social care sectors, including aspects of service delivery, and the fundamentals of research methodology.

This unit explores the different ways in which learning can take place and how learning from individual experience can be used to enhance the quality of knowledge, skills and practice.
You will initially explore your own knowledge, skills, practice, values and beliefs in relation to working in health and social care. You will then draw up a personal plan for self-development over the duration of the programme. The unit also introduces you to health and social care service provision.

A minimum of 100 hours work experience is required for successful completion of this unit.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit you should:

1. Understand the learning process 2. Be able to plan for, monitor and reflect on own development 3. Understand service provision in the health or social care sectors


To reach Pass level, the evidence must show that the learner is able to:

P1 explain key influences on personal learning processes of individuals
P2 describe own knowledge, skills, practice, values, beliefs and career aspirations at start of programme
P3 produce and monitor an action plan for…...

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