M1- Analyse Different Types of Business Information and Their Sources

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M1: Analyse different types of business information and their sources
To: Directors of New Look
From: Caitlin Woods
Subject: Analysis of different types of information and sources in New Look
The aim of this report to focus on how effective communication of New Look, through analysing the different types of business information and their sources. The sort of information I will be analysing will the verbal & written information and the internal & external information and I will including the benefits of all of these types of information. I will also be explaining why New Look as a company use these types of business information. New Look are very big company that was founded in Taunton 1969 who have now become a worldwide business with stores all over many different countries. They use many different types of information in order to provide great customer service, meet customer needs and satisfaction. However, not everything is about meeting the customer’s needs.
Verbal & Written information is one of the major part of business information that New Look use in order to meet their goals and provide the best possible customer they can give. Verbal information which is verbally communicating through speak. It includes using your phones, voicemail, presentation, videos, meetings, interviews, radio, video call and face-to-face.
Verbal information is very important for New Look as they don’t just use face-to-face with customers; they also use it with employees on a day-to-day basis, they use with contractors who help clean windows/ sort out the electrics, heating. They also use face-to-face for when you have someone from New Look come to your shop. New Look use face-to-face as one of their main types of verbal information. The reason for why they use face-to-face is because it’s the most formal approach and it means that it makes your store look very…...

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