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Everyone experience that one little feeling when you adore
Or like someone it’s an amazing feeling believe me there is
This one amazing girl that I just constantly can’t get my mind off of her like I adore her to much I won’t say no name but there is a story behind this whole thing but if only I could remember the beginning oh well…let’s start with how I met her so it all started in high school sophomore year 2013 I went to a school called Blu Ford High School where everything at that school wasn’t what you call paradise I mean everyone was happy and excited that they get to see their friends and stuff but I wasn’t really interested in all that stuff I was restraining myself from caring about school and education high school was like a child’s playground to me but that all change in a matter of seconds after seeing that one person a girl I adore honestly I didn’t know how to keep my composure because she was really amazing I mean she was gorgeous in every type of way she was a light-skinned girl with nice hair, great personality, and etc. but truth be told we started out not being friends because I didn’t know her, and I didn’t really want to make the effort on doing so but one day she was sitting outside on the lunch table with her friends, the same table that I was sitting on but we made no eye contact no communication whatsoever it was just awkward just being there and not saying anything especially since I has a crush on her or whatever but it’s totally fine but anyways during that awkward silence I decide to talk to her by saying “Hey, how you doing? What’s your name?”. As she proceeds to give me her name that’s when I started having a decent conversation with her it wasn’t bad cause she told me what high school she came from because this was her first year coming to Blu Ford High School so she was new to this school and I asked…...

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The story takes place on a beautiful afternoon in May of 1963. Everything looks positively radiant with Summer coming quickly. Everyone smiles when they see the man in the gray suit because he is so obviously in love. The young man approaches an older gentleman who is selling flowers and buys the most expensive spill of tea roses. As the afternoon turns to evening, he makes his way to Norma’s. When he sees her his heart skips a beat. “It’s always a sweet shock to see her.” When he goes to her she pulls away. She tells him that he’s mistaken and her name is not Norma. We are then presented with the true identity of......

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...A Loved One Lost It was a quiet summer night and I was just sitting in my room watching TV. My fan was blowing refreshing cool air on me and it helped relieve me from the heat of the summer. It was also a little annoying as it makes a whirring noise, but despite the sounds it was still very calm and relaxing. My mom was in our computer room playing on the computer just as usual. My dad was asleep in his bed at an early time as he usual. My brother was downstairs in his room and everything seemed just fine. However, there was something in the back of my mind that I was thinking about that kept me from being completely relaxed. Something that I just couldn’t help but think about that made me a little less than relaxed. My grandma was having a double bypass heart surgery and I was a little worried about her. My mom and dad had both assured me that everything was going to be fine, but I couldn’t help but worry a little bit. She was my grandma after all and I loved her and she loved me and I didn’t want anything to happen to her. All of a sudden I heard “ring, ring, ring” it was the phone. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but then I thought to myself how it was kind of an odd time for a phone call because it was a little late. Luckily my room is right next to our computer room, which is where my mom was. Also fortunate for me, the walls aren’t very thick and my mom has a loud voice so I could hear everything that she was saying. However, I didn’t know who she was......

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