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Art has become an important aspect for many individuals to passionately put their creativity in a channel that can express their individuality. This can either be seen through photography, music, literature, and/ or painting. These are examples of an art form that is used as a tool to understand the human condition. Cinema, to this day is a powerful influence in the media landscape where the combination of visual, literary and auditory is intricate in one art form. Men, women, and children can use this medium as a form of escapism from reality, where its imagination has no boundaries. However, film is not only created as an entertainment tool, it can often also mirror society and its changing values. A film can be a communicator of ideas whether it is reflecting political perspectives or challenging cultural issues. This is the case in 1976, when Martin Scorsese and screenwriter Paul Schrader had created the modern film classic Taxi Driver. During this time America had undergone a lot of fluctuations in its economic and social movements. This film takes place in New York City through the perspective of the protagonist Travis Bickle, who is played by Robert De Niro. Through Bickle's eyes the city appears to be corrupted and struggling. Furthermore this iconic thriller takes place when America is facing new wounds from the post-world war two eras. From the main character’s perspective, the film examines the theme of loneliness that influences the protagonist’s character development in an urban society.

On the surface, the film is based on the life of Travis Bickle who was once a Vietnam vet that finds the means to survive in the big apple through a blue-collar job as a Taxi Driver. The film illustrates the alienation that occurs to individuals after a social change to political events. In this film the story’s backdrop is placed in the 1970s of New York City.…...

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