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Christian H. Godefroy is a specialist in positive thinking and autosuggestion. He has given training seminars to over 6,000 senior company personnel around the world on self-confidence, communication and relaxation. Today he concentrates on publishing books about personal and professional success and about health and runs his own highly successful publishing companies in France and Switzerland. You can reach him at:

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Table of Contents
Forward ..................................................................................... 2 About the author... .................................................................. 2 Introduction ............................................................................. 5 Part One: Sophrology ........................................................... 18
Hypnosis ..................................................................................................... 19 Sophrology.................................................................................................... 4 Suggestion................................................................................................... 64

Part Two: The Alpha Experience........................................ 93
Mind Control, Biofeedback and Alpha Waves ...................................... 94 Psychocybernetics.................................................................................... 111 The Alpha Seminar…...

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...profits/decrease dividends 9. Establish relasionships with other companies d. Define alternatives x. Strategies available v. stats to explore e. Gather information about alternatives f. Analyze the risks and returns of the options xi. Utlize all information xii. Value dependent on return, time, and risk g. Make a decision h. Plan of action What are the firms unique stengths and weaknesses Notes: some companies more affected by international events than domestic, vice versa Consider relationship between suupliers, rivals, and csutomers Longer History Questions How has the company managed its assests 1) Is the company capital intensive a. Productive capacity from: PPE, people, franchise (enhanced with reputation and advertisng) b. How expensive to add capacity, or increase reputation c. Lead time to modify factors or production d. For cap intensive: Is the equipment old; how long will it be useful e. Not Cp intensive: what is the souce of productivity; how readily available are additional resources 2) Are assets prone to obsolescence, or Migration f. Cap intense: do tech innovtions change process slowly or quickly g. Non-cap intense: “firm grip” on source of productivity- like if people just up and leave, esp with experts in science 3) Are assets long term? h. Difficult to redeploy? i. Is it flexible......

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