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The following Sprite advertisement is about one of their newer products on the market called Sprite Ice Blue. This particular ad targets a younger to middle generation. This would be the laid-back, fun-type culture. The social class would vary on this, but ultimately I believe that it targets the lower to middle class.
The advertiser is trying to fulfill the consumers need for an ice cold thirst quenching drink. Along with Sprite’s refreshing crisp lemony taste came a hint of mint.
Ultimately I believe that the ad was ok. It definitely would catch the attention of someone seeing the advertisement. I believe that its effectiveness is good because it shows a woman who looks frozen and excited at the same time, making the consumer believe that drinking this product would be cool and cold, yet exciting to the taste buds.
The humor in the advertisement is good. I laughed as soon as I saw it. Here you have a woman, frozen and sticking her blue tongue out. Amusing , to say the least. I think they used more of a shock appeal along with amusement. The shock is the way the woman looks and the amusing part is that she’s frozen and sticking her tongue out.
I think this technique would work great or all of those new gums that they have out. All of these ice gums that freeze your tongue off when you take a drink of water while having the gum in your mouth. That alone makes you look like the woman in the picture for the Sprite advertisement. I definitely think it would be effective, because who wouldn’t want to have a cool, refreshing…...

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