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June 21, 2015 Literary Worth Essay Did Emily Dickinson take part in literary break found in the traditional 19th century? Yes her poetry came forth with boldness during this time. Her writings were so unique it made her readers capture and believe what she was writing about. Within her poems, she demonstrated mixed feelings in her writings, although she uses imagination to communicate with particular ideals in some poems. During the early 1900’s many poets decided to get away from the normal way of writing American Poetry. By doing this many poets began to write in different styles other than the traditional American way to write poetry. Three criteria’s we can elaborate on in regards to great poetry would be first, the work is relevant to normal life situations. Second, the poetry work is worth reading and is comforting to read. Third, the poets all had great ideas to write on. Walt Whitman had his part in the literary break which causes American Literature to gain new styles of writing poetry. He was a journalist who wrote to fulfill the needs of his audience. He often time would write poetry that would run on and on. Whitman and Dickinson new ways of writing poetry has brought about a great change in our modern literature classes. This new style of writing qualified them both to be listed as great poets during their time.

Darlene 2 “Dickinson’s poetry is also considered to be a radical departure from tradition and shares some of the particular features of Whitman’s work.” (Edu -350 lect. 8). When comparing the two great…...

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