Leadership Assessment Report

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Leadership Assessment Report

Scores range from 1 to 6, with 1 indicating that you rated yourself low on that competency and 6 indicating that you rated yourself high.

Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses1
Ten Leadership Weaknesses: Active Listening Adaptability Analytic Thinking Analyzing Data Assessing Others Attention to Detail Benchmarking Coaching, Developing, Instructing Collaborating Communicating Outside the Organization
Ten Leadership Strengths: 5 Knowledge of Organizational Justice Principles 5 Knowledge of Philosophy and Theology 5 Providing a Good Example 5 Responsibility for Others 6 Being Accountable 6 Ensuring Ethical Behavior of Subordinates 6 Financial Ethics 6 Honesty and Integrity 6 Knowledge of Sociology and Anthropology 6 Work-Place Ethics

Broad Compentency Dimensions and Facet Scores2
Self Management - 0.04 Work Habits: 0 Work Attitudes: 0 Stress Management: 0 Self Insight: 0.2 Learning: 0

Leading Others - 0 Communicating: 0 Interpersonal Awareness: 0 Motivating Others: 0 Developing Others: 0 Influencing: 0
Task Management - 0 Executing Tasks: 0 Solving Problems: 0 Managing Information and Material Resources: 0 Managing Human Resources: 0 Enhancing Performance: 0
Innovation - 0.55 Creativity: 0 Enterprising: 0 Integrating Perspectives: 0 Forecasting: 0 Managing Change: 2.75
Social Responsibility - 4.27 Civic Responsibility: 3 Social Knowledge: 4.83 Ethical Processes: 4.5 Leading Others Ethically: 3.2 Acting with Inegrity: 5.8

1Leadership strengths and weakness are determined by examining and selecting the competencies that…...

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