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| Rescissible Contracts | Voidable Contracts | Unenforceable Contracts | Void or Inexistent Contracts | 1. As to defect | caused by injury/damage either to one of the parties or a 3rd person | defect is caused by vices of consent | caused by lack of form, authority or capacity of both parties not cured by presciption | caused by lack of essential elements or illegality | 2. As to effect | valid and enforceable until rescinded by a competent court | valid and enforceable until they're annulled by a competent court | can't be enforced by a proper action in court | no legal effect, as a general rule | 3. As to prescription to declare nullity | action for prescription can prescribe | action for annulment or defense of annulability can prescribe | corresponding action for recovery if there was total or partial performance of the unenforceable contract under no. 1 or 3 Art. 1403 of the Civil Code may prescribe | no prescription for a declaration of nullity, inexistence or defense of nullity | 4. As to curative effect of prescription | can be cured by prescription | can be cured by prescription | can't be cured by prescription | can't cured by prescription | 5. As to ratificatiom | don't need to be ratified | can be ratified | can be ratified | can't be ratified | 6. As to who can assail/question/attack | not just the contracting parties, but also a 3rd person who is prejudiced or damaged by the contract | only a contracting party | only a contracting party | not just the contracting parties, but also a 3rd person whose interest is directly affected | 7. As to direct or collateral attack | direct attack only | can be attacked both directly and collaterally | can be attacked both directly and collaterally | can be attacked both directly and collaterally…...

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 •Jornadas de Trabajo: 2 Turnos con sus respectivos recesos
 INFORMACION CONFIDENCIAL: PROPIEDAD DE SCHLAGE DE MEXICO. Información Válida por 24 Hrs. a Partir de 6/9/2014 7:58:13 1458/p58 Page 1 of 11 TITULO: Instalaciones y condiciones de seguridad e higiene TITLE: Storage and Material Handling •Tipo de puestos: Fijos y Semi-fijos 1.2 Objetivos del Estudio NOM: 001 Revision: A Fecha Efectiva: 05/06/14 El siguiente trabajo tiene la finalidad de prevenir las condiciones de inseguridad de los edificios, áreas e instalaciones dentro de ALLEGION INTERNATIONAL S.A de C.V para su adecuado funcionamiento y conservación, con el fin de evitar riesgos a los trabajadores. 1.3 Campos de aplicación La siguiente Norma aplica únicamente para las instalaciones de la empresa ALLEGION INTERNATIONAL S.A de C.V, Ensenada Baja California México. 3. Referencias Para la correcta interpretación de esta Norma, debe consultarse la siguiente Norma Oficial Mexicana o la que la sustituya: NOM-026-STPS-1998, Colores y señales de seguridad e higiene, e...

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...Flight 001 case study Management 303 1. According to Maslow's hierarchy, which basic needs did Shank's old boss fail to meet? Explain why the needs have not been met. What could be done to meet these missing needs? In Maslow’s hierarchy there are five levels with the highest one being self-actualization. Shank’s old boss failed to meet her social and esteem needs. Social needs include the need for belonging and friendships, and esteem needs are the next step to social needs where a person wants to be recognized for her work and needs to know that he or she is doing something meaningful. Shank’s old boss never got involved in her work nor spent any time to review what she was doing. This made her feel that her work made no difference to the organization. Both her social and esteem needs were unmet due to the lack of attention by her boss. To avoid this condition the manager should ensure that there is regular communication with their employees. There should be weekly or monthly meetings to let the employees know what’s going on in the organization, and they should implement some kind of incentive program. The managers should provide feedback and give compliments and other forms of recognition when it is due. Also there should be an open door policy throughout the organization where employees can approach upper management to express ideas or concerns. 2. Use the Expectancy Theory and/or the Equity Theory of motivation to explain how feeling underpaid might affect......

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