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The Lasting Impressions (LI) Company is a medium-sized commercial printer of promotional advertising brochures, booklets and other direct-mail pieces. While they have major firms they are servicing there are always opportunities for growth. The following tables will display a detailed determination of their financial positions as well as future options for expansion (Gitman & Zutter, 2013).

Initial investment Press A Press B

Installed Cost of new press:
Cost of new press $830,000.00 $640,000.00
Installation cost $40,000.00 $20,000.00
Total Cost – New Press $870,000.00 $660,000.00
After-tax proceeds-sale of old asset
Proceeds from sale of old press $(420,000.00)
Tax on sale of old press $(121,600.00)
Total proceeds-sale of old press $(298,400.00) $(298,400.00) $(298,400.00)
Change in net working capital $90,400.00 $-
Initial Investment $662,000.00 $361,600.00

Operating Cash Inflows (considered depreciation in year 6)

Press A Cost Rate Depreciation

1 $870,000.00 0.20 $174,000.00
2 $870,000.00 0.32 $278,400.00
3 $870,000.00 0.19 $165,300.00
4 $870,000.00 0.12 $104,400.00
5 $870,000.00 0.12 $104,400.00
6 $870,000.00 0.05 $43,500.00 $870,000.00

Press B Cost Rate Depreciation

1 $660,000.00 0.20 $132,000.00
2 $660,000.00 0.32 $211,200.00
3 $660,000.00 0.19 $125,400.00
4 $660,000.00 0.12 $79,200.00
5 $660,000.00 0.12 $79,200.00
6 $660,000.00 0.05 $33,000.00 $660,000.00

Existing Cost Rate Depreciation

1 $660,000.00 0.12 $132,000.00 Yr. 4
2 $660,000.00 0.12 $211,200.00 Yr. 5
3 $660,000.00 0.05 $125,400.00 Yr. 6
4 $- -
5 $- -
6 $-…...

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