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Motorola: The demand of V3i


Submitted on:20th April 2011

Motorola: The demand of V3i

This report has been submitted as a requirement for ENG105 course

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By: Subhee Sama

Submitted on:20th April 2011

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This report has been approved by Mr. Haroonuzzaman as a requirement for ENG105 course.

Submitted on:20th April 2011


I thank my organization Motorola, Inc. for considering me as deserving staff and allowing me to conduct the research project. Special thanks to Haroonuzzaman sir for the proper guidance and cordial support. I thank you for the confidence and trust that you placed upon me. I will try my level best to fulfill my commitment by working harder.

Term of Reference

1. Problems: • Price of the phone is high. • Need to do more advertisement. • There are wide range of mobile phone to choose from within the same price range as that of the Motorola V3i,that offer the soma features at a better quality.

2. Limitation: • Consumer are not satisfied with the feedback they get after purchasing are using Motorola mobile phone, that is the reason why Motorola loses brand loyalty.

3. Purpose: • To increase the demand. • To satisfy the customer by give better sale service. • To offer some discount
Mandarin (simplified Chinese: 官话; traditional Chinese: 官話; pinyin: Guānhuà; literally "speech of officials") is a group of related Chinese dialects spoken across most of northern and south-western China. Because Mandarin mainly includes speech groups found in the north, the term "northern dialect(s)"…...

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...organization and learn about the functions, responsibility and corporate culture of that organization. This program enables a student to develop their analytical skills and scholastic aptitudes and to have a real- life orientation of the academic knowledge. As a student of Department of Business Administration, Dhaka City College, I have conducted my Internship Program in Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. Mirpur Circle 10 Branch, one of the reported second generation bank in the growing banking sector in Bangladesh. 1.2 Origin of the Report: The internship program is an integral part of the BBA program that all students have to undergo of National University, Bangladesh. The students are sent to various organizations where they are assigned to one or more project. At the end of the program, the internship is required to place the accomplishment and findings of the project through the waiting of the Internship report covering the relevant topics. During this program, supervisor guides each student. This report is the result of a 90 days’ (1 December 2010 to 28 February 2011) internship program in Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited (DBBL). 1.3 Objectives of the Report: Objective of the study acts as a bridge between the starting point and the goals of the study. To illustrate the objectives properly & presented into two parts. General Objective: To observe the Foreign Exchange operation of the DBBL. Their services and overall banking operation. Specific Objective: To know the Foreign...

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...How has the United Nations performed as an agent of mediation and peace-brokering in ethnic conflicts? Answer with reference to the UN role in Rwanda and Sri Lanka. Dr. John O’ Brennan Founded in 1945 with lofty ambitions to advance prosperity and security in the world, the United Nations Organisation (UN) is best endowed to conduct preventive diplomacy by preventing disputes and conflicts arising from interstate and intrastate relationships. It may be argued that the UN currently possess the capability to prevent such conflicts and disputes from emerging and escalating into armed confrontation (Ododa Opiyo 2012:61). Having developed peacekeeping as a form of impartial interposition between belligerents during the Suez Crisis in 1956, the UN has continually broadened its sphere of action. The organisations first 15 years of activity entailed of 15 operations however, between 1988 and December 2012, the UN set up fifty-four such operations to restore or maintain peace. Those missions extended from “simple interposition, as in the case of UNIIMOG in 1988, to enforcement operations mandated by the UN Security Council in Resolutions 770 (1992) for the former Yugoslavia and 794 (1992) for Somalia” (Hatto 2013:497). These operations consisted of humanitarian assistance, election supervision, the repatriation of refugees, the disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration of former combatants, the restoration of a state's ability to maintain security out of respect for the rule of......

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