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Canada has indeed become a post industrial nation as seen in steep declines in national industry so far as in manufacturing, resource collecting, and other goods producing labor. An explanation of how work has changed in Canada due to globalization, politics, and technology is seen to have guided service sector employment to the fore front of Canadian society. Higher education will be seen as a key factor to future “good” employment.


Industrialization refers to the technical aspects of the accumulation and processing of a societies resources. Industrialism is defined as a social or economic system built on manufacturing industries (Oxford Dictionary). Has Canada become a post-industrial society? I would sure have to say so!
Canada of course still has aspects of manufacturing and resource processing across its vast provinces, but technology is quickly creating a new society of higher educated workers selling their knowledge of computers, not just the hardware and circuitry, but also the software and 01010’s that comprise the interfacing with the hardware. Of course that just scratches the surface of technology but at least you are now pointed in the general direction of where and how work will be done.
To understand fully where we are today let’s look at the characteristics of an Industrial society and that of a post-industrial society, one that is leaving and entering a new age, much as industry did to agriculture. An industrial society utilizes technical machinery in a factory or manufacturing plant overseen or worked by less people than it would have taken to say, unearth metal ore, purify it, and then shape into a useable material. Little control by the worker over his or her work is prevalent and a small and specific skill is used and sold to a capitalist owner and controller.
In the…...

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