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Laboratory Exercise

Loading and Unloading Movie Clips
At the end of the exercise, the students should be able to:

load and unload Movie Clips, and create instances of movie clips on the stage.


Computer with Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher installed with Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5

1. Open Adobe Flash CS4 application.
2. Create a Flash File ActionScript 3.0.
3. Click Insert > New Symbol and set the following:
a. Name: jetX
b. Type: Movie Clip
4. On the first layer draw a rectangle using the Rectangle tool (
a. Stroke Color: #000000
b. Fill Color: #CCCCCC
c. Width: 106px
d. Height: 15px
5. Add a new layer by clicking the Add Layer button ().
6. Click on the Line tool ( a diagonal line.

) with the following properties:

) and press the key while dragging the pointer over the stage to draw

7. Select the line and click on the Free Transform tool (

) and change the angle of the line.

8. Click the Select tool (
) and click on the line.
9. Right-click on the line and select Copy > Paste in Place.
10. With the new line selected, click Modify > Transform > Flip Vertical to flip the line.
11. Use the Select tool (
) to position the line so as to form the tip of the triangle.
12. Draw a vertical line to close the gap and to create a triangle.
13. Click Layer 2 and click Modify > Combine > Union.
14. Click the Paint Bucket tool (
) and set the Fill color to #CCCCCC.
15. Position the triangle beside the rectangle on Layer 1.

16. Add another layer.
17. Click the Rectangle tool (
) and create a rectangle with the following properties:
a. Stroke Color: #000000
b. Fill Color: #CCCCCC

04 Laboratory Exercise 1

*Property of STI
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c. Width: 35px
d. Height: 15px
18. Use the Free Transform tool ( resize it.

) and the Distort control (…...

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