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The gods must be crazy


The film, The Gods must be crazy directed by Jamie Uys, contrasts two distinctly different societies: the “Bushmen” of the Kalahari desert and the civilian urbanities of post colonial Africa. Bushmen in the Kalahari desert lived with peace and unity until a bottle of coca-cola came in to their tribe and had started the commotion of the people living in Kalahari. The bottle was used by the people living in the said tribe, they make use of it as an instrument, patternmaker, utensils and many more which caused the people to be greedy, and even exposed the tribe to anger and violence they want the bottle for themselves only. They won’t stop until they have the bottle in their own hands. It’s like they are willing to kill and fight for the bottle.


One day something fell from the sky. Xi had never seen anything like this in his life. It was clear and hard. He wondered why the gods sent him something like this. They thought of it as a wonderful thing they have ever seen.


The theme of this movie is that way of living in a rural and urban life is so much different. In the rural side there is no need of technology because a simple and peaceful life will do. In a urban side, there are already technologies introduced and people keep fighting of what they want, no unity at all.

Visual Elements

The movie was made to watch by everyone. It is one good movie that I think everyone will like. From the first to the last scene of the movie, somehow, you’ll find it funny. Even the gun fights scene. The movie will make you laugh and wonder at the same time.


The movie ended up with a lesson that left a mark in my mind though it was a bit funny. Sometimes ignorance might be useful as well. There are just some things that we don’t need to know. Some things are meant to be undiscovered because it might just…...

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