Kanser Sa Suso

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Pumili ng paksang tatalakayin.
Activity 1
Serbisyong pang-medikal
Red Cross
Medical Technologist
Radiological Technologist
Physical Therapist

Paunang lunas
Blood test

Obstetrician Gynecologist

Activity 2:
Med Tech
E. Coli
Stem cells
Fecal matter

Clinical Chemistry
Blood Banking
Clinical Microscopy
Code of Ethics
Biomedical wastes
Cover slip

Body fluids
Universal precaution
Streptococcus pyogenes
Anne Fagelson
Test tube
Test tube holer
Lab gown
Giardia lamblia

Bacillus anthracis
RA 5527
RA 7170
RA 6969
Biomedical wastes
Dr. Douglas

Ilimita ang napiling paksa.

Napiling paksa: Kalusugan

Ang Kalusugan

Estado ng kalusugan sa Asya

Estado ng kalusugan sa Pilipinas

Pangunahing sakit sa Pilipinas


Kanser sa suso

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...Sa-Sa has several methods to segment their customers. The primary method is to classify customers as tourists or residents. Customers can fall into a third category of Mainland residents after the join-venture with Ebeca. With no tariffs on beauty products in Hong Kong, tourists are a major customer base for the perfume and cosmetics industry. The largest chunk of tourists come from mainland China, followed by Taiwan and then by South East Asia. The customers prefer imported products from Europe, USA and Japan as the products reflect quality and prestige. The customers can then be further profiled by their demographics and buying behavior. The three customer segments are Real Spenders, Best Overall Value Seekers, and Convenience seekers. The real spenders are in their 20s and 30s and are high-income earning professionals, managers or business owners. They spend the highest on skincare products, cosmetics, and fragrances/health supplements. They don’t spend as much on hair care products as they might be going to professional stylists and getting their products from the salon. This segment has the highest number of purchases at Sa-Sa. They might be ones more likely to buy the in-house products leading to greater profit margins for Sa-Sa. One way Sa-Sa can compete is to sell more luxury products to the real spender segment and generate higher profits. Convenience seekers are usually above 40 years of age and include housewives, blue-collar and part-time workers. They have......

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...SAS * Employment security The company culture and working environment lend itself to a warm friendly place to work. Along with this the corporate strategy of making software that customers want ensures that new products are in line with consumer needs. These things create a very stable work environment where people enjoy coming to work. SAS experiences only a 4% turnover rate a year far lower than the industry average due to the work environment they create. This atmosphere allows for a great deal of security and makes employees enjoy coming to work and as a result their work is higher quality. * Selective hiring The hiring practices at SAS are a major reason for its success. SAS goes about recruiting people based a great deal on how they fit within the corporate culture. Due to the fact that the company headquarters is located in the south much of the recruiting is targeted at people who want to live in the south. Along with this the turnover rate for the company is extremely low because the employees like working for the company. This selection process allows SAS to get skilled employees that enjoy their work environment and don’t want to work somewhere else. * Self managed teams When it comes to management strategy SAS has a simplistic approach built on trust and responsibility. The company follows a motto of “give people the tools they need to do their job and get out of the way.”The training of employees allows the company to mentor and coach employees......

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...Aralin sa Filipino Grade 3 at 4 I. Kompetensis a. Pagbasa: Makasusuri sa mga mahahalagang mensaheng nakapaloob sa kwento. b. Pakikinig: Mauunawaang ganap ang kwentong nabasa at ang aral nito sa mga mambabasa. c. Pagsasalita: Maipapaliwanag ang mga pangyayaring naganap sa kwentong binasa. II. Layunin: Pagkatapos ng aralin, ang mga mag-aaral ay inaasahang: Kognitibo: Baitang 3: Nakasasagot nang may katalinuhan sa mga tanong hinggil sa kwentong binasa. Nasasabi kung ano ang pangungusap at mga uri nito. Baitang 4: Nasasagot nang may katalinuhan sa mga tanong hinggil sa kwentong binasa. Nasasabi kung ano ang pagkakaiba ng karaniwan at di-karaniwang ayos ng pangungusap. Apektibo: Baitang 3 at 4: Napapahalagahan ang mga aral na nakapaloob sa binasang kwento at maiuugnay sa sariling buhay. Napapansin ang simuno at panaguri sa pangungusap. Saykomotor: Baitang 3: nakabubuo ng saring pananaw ayon sa mga aral sa binasang kwento. Baitang 4: Nakakabuo ng buod sa kwentong binasa sa pamamagitan ng Story Map. Baitang 3: Nakakabuo ng mga pangungusap na may simuno at panaguri. Baitang 4: Nakabubuo ng mga pangungusap na nasa ayos karaniwan at di-karaniwan. III. Nilalaman Paksang-Aralin: “Ang Tatlong Magkaibigang Baka” Wika: Pangungusap at ang mga Ayos nito Kagamitan: Manila Paper, Powerpoint Presentation, Sipi ng Kwento, Marker Pagpapahala: Pagpapahalaga sa......

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...SAS Global Forum 2009 Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare Paper 174-2009 Clinical Trial Reporting Using SAS/GRAPH® SG Procedures Susan Schwartz, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC ABSTRACT Graphics are a powerful way to display clinical trial data. By their very nature, clinical trials generate a large amount of information, and a concise visual presentation of the results is essential. Information about the patient population, drug dosages, clinical responses, and adverse events must be clear. Clinical laboratory results need to be presented within the context of acceptable limits, and subtle changes over time must be highlighted. This presentation will show, by example, how such graphs can easily be created using the SAS/GRAPH® SG procedures. The techniques that will be emphasized in this presentation include: • • • • • • Creation of a dose response plot by overlaying multiple plots in one graph Construction of a hematology panel using treatment regimen and visit numbers as the classification variables Presentation of a matrix of liver function tests (LFTs) for at-risk patients Aggregation of data into on-the-fly classification variables using user-defined formats Getting the axis you want using built-in best fit algorithms Generation of publication-ready graphs in color and in black and white INTRODUCTION The new SAS/GRAPH procedures—SGPLOT, SGPANEL, and SGSCATTER—provide new tools for viewing and reporting data collected during clinical trials. The SG procedures are an......

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