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1. Fraudulent misrepresentation

The actions of the sellers of the house were indeed fraudulent and the buyer does have a right to sue. This is because the actions of the sellers fulfill all conditions required for fraudulent misrepresentation to be deemed to have occurred.

First, a representation was made whereby the buyer was assures about the house being in good condition. Second, a false statement was made about the house being in perfect condition. This statement was made by having the cabinet in the house and stating that it always stayed there while indeed it was meant to conceal the damage to the house. Third, this statement was made recklessly or with an intention to mislead the buyer into buying the house. Lastly, the buyer did indeed rely on this information and as a result has suffered a loss (Geiersbach, 2010).

2. The North American Free Trade Agreement

The NAFTA agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States has been in existence for two decades now and has basically removed levies on some products moving between the two countries. While NAFTA was meant to boost trade between the nations, it has received criticisms because the countries are not at par in terms of economic development. Mexico in particular has suffered because agricultural output from the US comes into their local market and this has led to farmers in Mexico losing their jobs or being forced to produce in smaller quantities. NAFTA also led to cheap labor coming from Mexico into the US and many US citizens lost jobs in the manufacturing industries.

3. SEC Insider trading

This is an offence committed when a person with access to non-public information uses that information when trading in the shares of the company. For a person within a company to be convicted for insider…...

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