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Problems faced by income in this case is it was to interdependencies among departments in updating policy information because firstly it was all paper-based. The collection process took 2-3 days. Proposals were mostly randomly done. Storage process took 2-3 to be done. Nevertheless, retrieving of document also took about 2 days to be located and skipped by courier. Refilling then took another 2 days. All these cause the business process to be complicated and tedious. There was lack of flexibility and poor connectivity to the internet. The system frequently broke down causing work to stop and staffs had to choose between data reconciliation and backup. The affected days data would be lost if the daily backup was not completed at the end of the of the day. T would costly as well as a tedious reconciliation would have to be done in order to bring the data up to date. The system has experience 3 major homework failures and a 6 day complete breakdown.

Nevertheless the new product development was quiet cumbersome and coding in COBAL was time consuming as it broke multiple times, halted the system and caused temporary interruptions. It also took from few weeks to months to launch new product. As the transaction processing was still a process, the info was not easily available to agents had t face lots of problems by submitting documents had to pass physical documents among each other as they did not have up-to-date information. The new digital system resolved the problems by implementing a paperless environment. All information was stored on a “trusted” storage devices which was a secured and reliable digital enabling strict compliance with stringent statutory requirements. Straight through the processing workflow was flexible as it was able to reduce the product launch time from months to days. This led income opportunities to cross sell…...

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