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Is your company ISO 9000 certified?---No' it is not.

2. In your opinion, what are the benefits of being ISO 9000 certified (you should be able to list,and discuss at least 5 benefits)?----As'you knowo the ISO was started in 1947 when 25 countries met in London to define industry-wide standardization for the manufacture and supply of products, testing/analysis and coflrmon terminology used in these fields, that begins a foundation of the trade and transfer of technology. A) While leveling the playing field so countries can easily trade overseas easier, companies are free to compete in more worldwide markets. This allows companies access to territories previously adrnonished for political reasons (American companies doing business in Vietnam, for example), while bridging the needs of business into the new millennium. B) At its core the ISO in conjunction with organizations the WTO, promotes a global trading systern strength. The WTO instituted the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)' which includes a Code of Good practice for the Preparation, Adoption and Application of Standards: simply-put, the Code recognizes the efficient improvement of production in international trade AND, encourages standardizing bodies to use ihem for the standards they develop. C) Another advantage is product reliability from other countries. Think about it, in terms of quality and safety you can rest easier knowing that the product quality will be the same or better than a competing US brand. Which is generally, not good. But it encourages competition, promotes more trade opens up our thinking to new, sometimes better merchandise. Look at the inventory from Ikea and World Market and see how those marketplaces have tested throughout the country? D) With regard to our govemment, where would we be without International Standards for health, safety and environmental legislation? International Standards can also '&ame' political trade agreements with this body of knowledge. E) I believe that, without certain Standardizations our commerce would erswl. Like the sizes of screw-threads for chairs in classrooms, telcom technology, the size of 2x4's for use overseas, the quality of steel-beams to erect a building. These are all things we take for granted

but are worth noting here.
J. From a project manager's perspective, explain the benefits of dealing with only ISO 9000 certified suppliers vis-i-vis non certified suppliers. ----Essentially, you get a cheaper price with a non-certified supplier, maybe faster service. But these are untested-waters we are its core, Standardization provides immediate understanding across linguistic borders. As a Project Manager, you're improving performance while making a positive impact on business results by wotking with a certified supplier as opposed to somebody non-certified. Further, a non-certified vendor has different rules, certifications and quahty standards which will impact QC. A ce*ified supplier speaks thE same language.…...

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