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10 Inventions the built accent Rome

Concrete 1st built with it 2,100 years ago used it for everything from Aqueducts, bridges, buildings, and monuments, the concrete was not as strong as its counterparts. The receipt was unique, slaked lime and volcanic ash known as pozzolana was use to Create a sticky paste., combined with volcanic rocks Called “tuff” it set quick even When submerged in water,this made it able to build baths, piers and harbors.

Newspaper The Romans use of official texts detailing military, legal and civil issues. Known as ACTA DIURNA, or “daily acts” these early newspapers was written on metal or stone and posted in heavy traffic areas like the Roman Forum ACTA first appeared in 131 BC
The ACTA Senatus detailed Roman Senate proceedings which was withheld from the public until 59 BC when Julius Caesar allowed it to be published

Welfare – One of many Roman government program, measures that subsidized food, education and other for the needy. It goes back to 122 BC
Gaius Gracchus instituted Lex Frumentaria, a law that ordered Roman’s government to supply its citizens with allotments of cheaply priced grain. It continued under Trajan who implemented a program called “alimenta” to help feed, clothe, and educate orphans and poor children. Corn, oil, wine, bread and pork were added to the list of priced control goods, which may have been collected with tokens called “tesserae” this helped the Roman emperors to gain favor with the public.

Books— The Roman's streamlined the medium by creating “codex, a stack of bound pages that is known as a book”. They were replaced by animal skin parchment that clearly resembled pages.

Roads—encompassed nearly 1.7 million square miles and included most of Southern Europe

The ten Roman inventions was much needed during…...

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Chinese Inventions unlike any other country I have read about; winning a trip to china would be a dream come true! As far back as it has been documented, China has created a number of useful inventions. And, their contributions to the world, in my opinion, cannot be compared to anyone else. These useful inventions and wonderful contributions are timeless. Items such as toilet paper, tooth brush, fork, and the calendar year are used every day and can practically be found in every household. While there are a variety of inventions the Chinese have made, to me, their extraordinary contributions to the society are paper, printing, gun powder, and compass because they have made a huge impact on the entire globe. To begin, I must say, many different items that were used before paper was invented: bamboo silk, papyrus, and parchment. However, these items were not without problems associated with their usage. There were varying degrees of surface smoothness, expense, preservation, and storage requirements. By 105 BC Cai Lun overcame many of the limitations by inventing a new writing medium known as paper from bark, hemp, and rags. During this time, the raw materials could be found easily and at lower prices compared to former methods. Essentially, this contribution helped the development of civilization. Another useful invention to come out of China was printing. The first form of “printing on paper” came from rubbings. The process consisted of smoothing a piece of paper with a brush, the paper......

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