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The Big Bang! A theory ceremoniously used in explaining the existence of our universe but can also be attributed to the drastic change in globalization. This increase in globalization has impacted the economics of our nation. Its affects, furthermore, impact the way organizations manage people. Therein lies the strenuous task of implementing policies and systems to stave the endless change in the global workplace for human resource managers. These are just a few of the challenges that I’m ready to take on as a professional in human resource management.

My purpose for pursing enrollment into your Masters in Human Resource Management program can be explained with simply three words preparation, aspiration and dedication. Being able to properly manage human resources in an organization is no easy task and requires a specific set of skills. A set of skills that I’ve been able to acquire throughout my professional career, but I’ve also discovered there is a lot that I have to learn to successfully achieve organizational goals. That’s why preparation is key. Knowing when, where and how to implement different human resource systems and policies are just a few crucial functionalities I want to fine tune.

Working in local government, as a confidential secretary to the Town Supervisor, I was able to experience the effects of human resources in managing a municipality. After completing my undergraduate studies I was keen on teaching, however my aspirations toward administration have grown immensely while currently working as a County Legislative Aide. A great deal of my constituency is small business owners, where some have difficulty achieving business objectives. This may stem from poor human resource management. I truly believe that Human Resources will always play a vital role in a company’s success, because without employees a business cannot function.


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