Intercultural Communication Plan for a Multicultural Classroom

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A Reference Guide of Social Psychology
PSY 301: Social Psychology
Laura Majoch
December 17, 2012

A Reference Guide of Social Psychology Most individuals do not have a complete understanding about their social being. They are unsure of themselves and the things they are capable of. This reference guide will provide information pertaining how individuals discover more about their selves being consider of others, having some influence on others, whether persuading or obedient and conformity and some type of group dynamics. This information may help individuals to see their way through certain situations that may occur unexpectedly in their lives. A good source of reference with well detailed insights, would guide a person to the path of figuring out “self.”
“Discovering the Self” How does one discover their self? We must discover ourselves by completely vacating our minds of all erroneous purposes that have been taught, and think of all the positive, yet true purposes of life. You can acquire this by setting goals, establishing values, and deciding early on in life the things that are important to one self. You may surround yourself around people who do not like you as much. Over a period of time, you begin to think less of yourself and this will affect your self-esteem. When individuals see their selves in the mirror, they do not stop to think whether the person they see is truly them; not a person others see them as. Individuals have to use their common sense notion when dealing with their self-image. Self-image can change through shared experiences with other individuals. These experiences with other individuals can change the perceptions of our own self. Our interactions with other individuals will change. Individual’s self-concept is their self appraisal; meaning everything they think or feel about their selves. It is the full…...

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Intercultural Communication Plan for a Multicultural Classroom

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...globalization, which has resulted in an increment of immigrants in the Western countries, especially, the United States. In the result, intercultural communication is one of the major issues that are presently confronted by Americans, as well as, the immigrants in the country. This paper will specifically discuss and analyze some of the causes and effects of this issue. Audience Analysis Nowadays, people from different countries are working together, as well as, individuals from different places come and study together. In this regard, it is very important that students should respect different cultures, norms and values of different societies, which may facilitate them in their studies. On the other hand, managers have to deal with Americans, Canadians, Pakistanis, Chinese, and Africans at the same time, and it is very important that they should have the proper knowledge regarding the world cultures. (Porter, 2005) Subject Area One of the significant requisites of intercultural communication overlaps with factors of effective management, listening and feedback. In specific, it is very imperative that individuals should be good listeners, as it is very essential that they should listen to their colleagues in an intercultural environment, as sometimes, a term in one culture would be diverse in another culture, and this is where intercultural communication plays the crucial role in developing cultural diversity in the region. (Porter, 2005) Problem......

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...Intercultural Communication Plan for a Multicultural Classroom Instructor Dr. Ashley Berger July 25, 2012 Intercultural Communication Plan for a Multicultural Classroom This paper on Intercultural Communication Plan for a Multicultural Classroom is going to look on the importance of early education educators creating a multicultural classroom that will include all the different ethnic groups. This it will help to create a learning environment that will help all the students. In my experience working in a Head Start classroom I have learned that facilitating intercultural communication, and cross-cultural understanding is possible for students in a multicultural classroom, and that different cultures can be taught and incorporated in the classroom. Prince George's County Public Schools is number twenty-five in the nation for one of the largest school districts. They have 205 schools and about 125,000 students. They have approximately 18,000 employees that work for the school. The budget annually is $1.6 billion, and the school district caters to a socially inclusive student population. Prince George's County Public Schools are known for their innovative programs. The Prince George's County Public Schools believes that incorporating a multicultural education program in the schools creates and promotes an understanding of the diverse population of students that they have. The school that I work in Patuxent Elementary school is a community school that opened its doors......

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