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Innovative Products and the Intrapreneurial Approach to Success

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Innovative Products and the Intrapreneurial Approach to Success
Leonard Brzezinski
American Intercontinental University
MGMT 422
William Becker

Innovative Products and the Intrapreneurial Approach to Success
Shotguns have been around for hundreds of years starting with the black powder loaded Shotguns to the single and double barreled shell loaded shotguns. Shotguns have most often been used for hunting and protection. However, only within the last 100 years have shotguns had a tube load magazine making the shotgun capable of holding more rounds and being reloaded faster. However in the sporting and self defense world the fact that the tube fed magazine could not be removed or reloaded as easily as other magazine fed firearms made many firearm enthusiasts and professionals eager to find a way to reload theses guns as fast as or faster than firearms with removable magazines. ("Shotguns: Actions and Designs," 2011)
TEC Loader SL-12 Shotgun Speedloaders The Tec Loader is a speed loader designed to be used with many different and popular models of tube fed shotguns. It is in essence a way of auto loading or speed loading a shot gun that would otherwise require the handler of the shotgun to manually thumb load the shotgun at the time that it runs out of ammunition. This reloading apparatus is a perfect example of an innovative product designed to speed up and ease the effort of reloading tube fed shotguns. In many cases and in capable hands it can actually be faster than replacing a removable magazine. It is now used in timed competition speed shooting tournaments and throughout the armed forces worldwide. This product is innovative within its industry because instead of creating a whole new model of shotgun, it conforms to existing and popular models of shotguns that many people love to use. It is designed to aid with conventional…...

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