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Faculty Information-Seeking
Behaviour in the Changing ICT
Environment: A Study of
Commerce Colleges in
Jayadev Kadli
Librarian, Lala Lajpatrai College
Mahalakshmi, Mumbai – 400 034, INDIA,

B.D. Kumbar
Department of Studies in Library and Information Science
Karnatak University
Dharwad – 580 003 INDIA

The kind of information required by the user, methods adopted in searching information, environment affected, time spent, problems faced and solutions made, the satisfaction/dissatisfaction arising from the information gathered and the relationship of the user with the system – all come under purview of a user study.
A user study is the means for systematic examination of the characteristics of information behaviour of the users.
Progress in information technology has offered today’s information seekers different opportunities to access the information resources in variety of formats, including commonly-available electronic information sources, such as CDROMs, databases, Web-OPACs, and the Internet. In some instances these are replacing the print-based information sources as the primary media for the storage and communication of recorded information.
The increase in information available on the Web has affected information-seeking behavior, with many types of information in many different locations all available in one place.1 Information-seeking behaviour involves personal reasons for seeking information, the kinds of information which are being sought, and the ways and sources with which needed information is being sought.2 ICT has caused changes in the representation of knowledge,from analog to digital. The shift has led to:
New information formats: Multimedia information can be created, stored and distributed in digital format as CD-ROM or on hard disks, removable hard disks (external hard disk, pen…...

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