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Charlie Gordon is a 37 year-old man with a mental disability and an IQ of sixty-eight. It is true that he has a mental disability, but that doesn't change his ability and want to pursue his dream of being "smart." He put his mind to it and went for exactly what he wanted, Nothing less. Because even though he has the disability, he finds it with in himself to work hard and earn the ability to do things he has never had the opportunity to do. Even though he may not have been the smartest guy, he was happy with who he was and was always willing to learn and try new things. He had a great time with his supposed “friends.” When Charlie becomes the human test in a science experiment that triples his IQ, it strongly impacts his life in a negative way. He soon finds out intelligence does not always bring happiness. Mr. C. Gordon realizes the results of pursuing his ideal to be ‘smart’ and undergo the procedure, is that not only does he get fired because others felt inferior around him, but he also learned his “friends” had actually been bullying him to feed their sick sense of humour.
“Now I’m more alone than ever,” Charlie states on April 30th. At this point in the story he was far more intelligent than his teacher or doctors, therefore has no one to relate to other than Algernon, the mouse who too received the treatment. Before charlie was “smart,” the smallest thing in life would put the biggest smile on his face. Now, as the new Einstein, none of those things could give him the slightest bit of satisfaction. His mind was three times more complex. He needed and wanted more, forcing him to feel alone and burry himself in his work. Though Charlie’s experiment was only temporary, and his IQ regressed bit by bit. There was one problem that massacred all the others and that was if Charlie’s hypothesis is correct, he will die just as Algernon did too.
Charlie Gordon was able…...

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