Improving Organizational Performance

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Organizational Psychology

Karima Abida

University of Phoenix

PSY/428 February 6th , 2011

Organizational Psychology

Organizational psychology is a science, however, it is concern with the

application of scientific knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of organization.

Researches expend psychology to experiment the science of behavior and how it

can be applied within an organization. Psychology can help the organization to

preform effectively, if the employee is happy at work, then the consumer will be

happy, then the community will be happy as well.

Organizational Psychology focus on individuals behave within an

organizations and how their behavior affects the functionality of an organization.

Jex and Britt (2008) stated, “Organizational Psychology is a field that utilizes

scientific methodology to better understand the behavior of individuals working in

organizational settings” (Ch. 1). Understanding how behavior impacts formal

organizations allows improvements to be made that result in more effective

functioning within organizations.

The role of research and statistics in organizational psychology

Research and statistics play a large role in the studies of organizational

psychology. There are many methods of research and statistics used to

determine information and answers to the many questions posed by

organizational psychologists. When collecting data, researchers must be aware

of several issues that can affect the validity of their research. Generalizing

information across differing organizations can commonly lead to mistakes (Britt &

Jex, 2008). In this paper I will actually explain the…...

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