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Theme park is idea of having entertainment attractions for the purpose of entertaining large numbers of people, is actually a distinct style of amusement park, for a theme park has landscaping, buildings, and attractions that are based on one or more specific or central themes .Theme park providing attractions that meant to cater to children, teenagers, and adults.
Financial Issues:
1. The cost of the land for the theme park could be very high and it required a large scale initial investment, normally ranging from 50 million to 3 billion. Also theme park required over 50 acres of land for the development, however some of theme park using about 10000 to 30000 acres.
Developers chose to buy a central location…...

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...Prose Essay  In the article, I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Sing by Francine Prose, she feels  uncertain about the process of teaching through selected books. Prose gives a few examples  from To Kill a Mockingbird to I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings as well as various textbook  short stories. Prose is questions the effectiveness of using literary works to teach values  through different traits that certain characters exude. She writes, “The narrator of Caged Bird is  good, her rapist is bad; Scout and Atticus Finch are good, their bigoted neighbors are bad.” This  is a two­dimensional way of looking at the characters and their development. Another point  found in this article is that teachers plant their own interpretation of a work in their students  heads. Prose adds “ … this moving, funny novel (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn) is being  taught not as a work of art but as a piece of damning evidence against that bigot, Mark Twain.”  Which changes Prose’s initial excitement upon finding that work on the list. Overall, on this topic  Prose conveys that she does not believe that values can be taught through literature in a school  setting. However, I believe that novels can teach a lesson.    Prose writes about how lessons are taught to high school readers as if they cannot draw  their own conclusions about what they read. Some may be unable to think for themselves, but it  is from the point of view of an avid reader that I draw my conclusions. Teache......

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