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World War One Diary
World War One Diary

This picture is advertising the great deeds us soldiers do for our country. It also shows how the citizens can help our country and our great army.
This picture is advertising the great deeds us soldiers do for our country. It also shows how the citizens can help our country and our great army.
“war loans help the guardians of your happiness”
“war loans help the guardians of your happiness”

The Battle of Somme 1st July – 18th November 1916
When I was at the Battle of Somme it was such a surprising attack. On the central powers side it was just another day in July. We started off by doing our morning routines and going through our day when all of a sudden we all heard shells in the distance. Then hundreds of thousands of shells (the official count was about 1.4 million) rained down on our side of the line they were landing everywhere, one landed next to me! But it didn’t go off, most of the shells didn’t go off and we lost some good men. But the allied men pushed forward it wasn’t any time to grieve yet. The allied pushed forward mercilessly but we stood strong and were pushed back a few miles until the allied realized they lost too many men. The central powers lost the battle but both sides suffered major causualties.
The Battle of Somme 1st July – 18th November 1916
When I was at the Battle of Somme it was such a surprising attack. On the central powers side it was just another day in July. We started off by doing our morning routines and going through our day when all of a sudden we all heard shells in the distance. Then hundreds of thousands of shells (the official count was about 1.4 million) rained down on our side of the line they were landing everywhere, one landed next to me! But it didn’t go off, most of the shells didn’t go off and we lost some good men. But the allied men pushed forward it…...

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...Chapter 6- Health Care Marketing 1. According to Buchbinder & Shanks, (2012) marketing is defined as the process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, and society as a whole (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012, p. 96.). The main principles of marketing are to satisfy customers, target the 'right' customers, facilitate exchange relationships, stay ahead of competitors and enhance profitability. These principles are essential for managers to understand and satisfy their customers in the health care industry. The person receiving care must be pleased with the services received from the health care facility, and the health care facility must likewise be satisfied with the financial reward received in the exchange. The hospital that adopts the key components of the marketing concept is likely to identify patients needs, provide products and services at an acceptable price and stress the benefits through promotion. The most important reason to satisfy customers seeking medical service is that they will become repeat customers or users of the facility. Consumers want to feel they are getting the most value for their money, and this includes the health care industry. Therefore, marketing mainly consists of satisfying target customers while striving to seek their loyalty and consumption. 2. In the past, healthcare organization were slow to incorporate marketing because many felt it was an inappropriate and......

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