Human Resoure Management

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Human Resources Management Roles

HCS 341
May 09, 2011
Tracie Mileski

Human Resources Management Roles

hjghdfjkghdfjkgdfjghdfkjghkdjfhfds'fjds;fhjritureighjsdkfjdskjofhrughrufhsdjghfjdg hr euthufhdhffffggggggggggg I agree that drug testing for employees in the healthcare field is very important. Not only illegal drugs but also prescription narcotic drugs. Being that healthcare workers often have easy access to different types of medication; there should be random testing of employees for these drugs also. As far as alcohol; even though it is legal to drink when over the age of 21; most companies have a policy in place concerning alcohol consumption. In my opinion a very important law that relates to healthcare is the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978. This law protects pregnant employees from being discriminated against due to being pregnant. The law requires employers to treat pregnant women the same as any body else who has a health condition. Meaning if an employer allows an employee to take sick time due to having a stomach flu or feeling nauseated, then the employer must allow a pregnant woman to take sick time if they have morning illness. It also prevents employers from forming or providing a health care plan that doesn't cover pregnancy.
This law is in existence because there have been documented cases of employers discriminating against pregnant women. In some cases pregnant women have been demoted and even laid off when their OB/GYN's told them to perform only light duty tasks at work.
These days the law protects women from being demoted or laid off because their OB/GYN's place them on light duty. It also affects employment practices because an employer can't not hire a pregnant women. A pregnant women must be treated with the same considerations as any other employee.
I don't really know how this law will affect employment…...

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