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Distribution of Merit Certificates
With the name of Allah the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful
Dear Students, 1. As you all know that today we are here for the Distribution of merit certificates for our BBA, BEC, BSD, BAF and MBA students. 2. It is an honor for all students that the Department of Management Sciences CIIT Islamabad Campus has arranged this ceremony for our undergraduate students. 3. It is also a great honor for all of us that Dr.Muhammad Zahid Iqbal Head, Department of Management Sciences give us his precious time for this ceremony. 4. I am also grateful to Dr. Khurram Mughal Incharge Undergraduate program and Dr. Asif Khurshid Mian Incharge graduate program. 5. With out there efforts it would not be possible for us to arrange this ceremony. So thank you very much for all of you.
We will start the proceeding with the name of Allah
I would like to invite Mr. for the recitation of Holy Quran
Jizak Allah I would like to Invite Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal Head of Department Management Sciences and Dr. Khurram Mughal Incharge Undergraduate program to please come on stage for the distribution of Certificates. (Clapping) 1. First of all I would like to call Shahroz Iqbal from MBA program to come on stage to collect merit certificate from Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal 2. Second 3. Third
Now I would like to invite students from BBA program to come on stage to collect certificates 1) ________________________
Further now inviting the students of BAF

Now I will call upon he students of
Lastly we will request Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal to kindly share his views about this ceremony and also congratulate our successful students
At the end of this ceremony, congratulations to all the successful students for their great achievements. And once again I am thankful to…...

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