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Corporate Finance
Assignment Semester 2 2013


This assignment focuses on risk, return and equity analysis. The expectation is that students will develop skills in measuring returns, risk assessment and analysis and valuation. Students are required to use the data provided in the case problem and exhibits to answer a series of questions.

Assignment Components

The exhibits contain financial information on Swagman Ltd, Gaslight Ltd and Airspace Ltd. It also contains return information and dividend information for two Stocks Axel Ltd, Titan Ltd, and the share market index.

You will be required to complete this assignment in teams of two or three. It is important that you form your teams as soon as possible. WebCT can be used to identify other students who are seeking partners for a team. W can make announcements prior to the lecture to alert other students without a team to meet after the class. Team members do not need to be in the same tutorial.

Please note that under NO circumstances will we allow assignments to be submitted by individuals (This is a group assignment).

Note that marks will be deducted for poor presentation. Assignments should be stapled in the top left hand corner. Please do not submit assignments in folders. It is also a requirement that all assignments be submitted with a cover sheet. This cover sheet is now specific to this subject and a copy will be provided on WebCT. Assignments will not be accepted or marked if they are lodged without this cover sheet.

The assignment requires each team to undertake independent work. No further assistance will be provided to teams in completing the assignment.

The assignment accounts for 10% of the subject’s assessment.

Assignment Presentation • Students are expected to complete the calculations to the questions in the assignment. This…...

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