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Human Resource Management Roles

Jennifer Janke


April 18, 2011
Gina Drake

Human Resource Management Roles

Human Resource Management Managers play the role of carrying out the functions

within an organization. The existence of a human resources department is vital to the

productivity and efficiency of the workplace in any company. A good human resource

department can be one of the most valued and respected departments in an organization. Their

job is dealing with people, and people are the company's most important asset to satisfy. The

human resource management is there to evaluate policies, procedures, and programs that are

related to the human resource department. The primary actions of the strategic HR manager

translate business strategies into HR priorities. In fulfilling this role, HR professionals increase

the capacity of a business to execute its strategies. The management of strategic human resources

is based on strategy execution. In fact, HR practices help accomplish business objectives (Wang,

2011). HR makes happen (attitudes, behavior, capability) and business success (customer value-

added, financial performance) (Wright, 2011). Nice overview!

The main objectives that can be gathered from the readings are that the human resource

department is there to help the organization in every way possible. In big organizations, you will

notice that the human resource department is the one you report to when first applying for a

position. They are the ones to explain about the job and facility. They will bring up goals and

guidelines for the company. They are also the ones to explain which benefits are offered at the

company. Successful organizations are becoming more adaptive, resilient, quick to change

direction, and be customer-centered (Heathfield, 2011). With this position,…...

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