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Write the Activity Title and Learning Target/s on the board for the students to copy.

Activity Title: | The Internship – Movie | Learning Target/s: | To critique the staffing practices of a company | | | | | References: | |

<Facilitator: Distribute activity sheets>

1. Is the recruitment process by Google ( as shon in the movie ) similar to the other companies that you are familiar of? Discuss the differences that you noticed.
2. The two main character fumbled during the video interview . If you were the one who will select who goes on the INTERNSHIP in the company will you still give chance for the two? Why?

3. The eclectic or weird grouping of the main characters has proven to have been quite a disadvantage for them at first but they worked on it and eventually the weirdness has become their asset.Can you share an instance when one member of a group you belong with was weird or odd and how did the group turn the weirdness into an asset ?

4.Since the two main characters were older than the rest of their team, they acted as their leader. What traits of a leader did the two posses? How did these traits become a reason for the group to be persistent despite them losing most of the challenges

5. How did the former jobs of the two main characters help them in securing the winning spot/

6.Based on the movie there are many many cafeteria benefits (sleeping pods, free food and drinks, play room ) that Google offers to its employees and interns . Do you think companies who can afford it must offer it to their employees too? If yes why? If not why? What might be the good and not so good effects of offering such cafeteria benefits?

7. Despite the obvious advantage of the strongest team,with them winning majority of the tests and challenges. still they have not been HIRED . If you were to decide would you still consider them to be…...

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