How to Pick the Wrong Significant Other

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Dani Szafran
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How to Pick the Wrong Significant Other There are very few things I am good at that I can eloquently put into words and give instructions for them. One thing I do really well; constantly dating the wrong person. Friends might think that after making the same mistakes over and over again, that I would have learned by now. Those friends are wrong. At least, they were. Finally admitting to myself what mistakes I’ve been making, and talking to my friends about it, I have learned to take more time in getting to know someone. It always starts the same way: a cute face. A physical attraction. Just go with it. I wait until the guy talks to me because I’m just a little too shy and awkward. When they do, I need to get a drink because it loosens me up and makes me less nervous. Maybe my friends are there, that always helps. So, we’re talking and the hormones are flying. Then there’s a light brushing of hands. Electric. Sparks are flying. Also, at this point, the drinks are flowing. Nothing really deep or important usually comes from these conversations. It’s basically just like two teenagers trying not to paw at each other in public. We arrange to hang out again. Great! First dates are awkward but I get that excited feeling in my stomach when I’m pulling up to meet them. Once, I was extra nervous as I wasn’t quite sure I’d recognize the person that I’d met at a bar and talked to for about five minutes before setting up a date. Fortunately, he was the only one sitting outside wearing an expectant look on his face. We talked some more, about general life things. I usually ask about where their hometown is, what they do for a living, and other mundane life stuff. Still nothing of any deep importance. Maybe we hook up that night, maybe we don’t. Either way the next few dates will probably lead to that. The electricity turns…...

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