How Students Feel About Texting and Driving

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Rebecca Schwartz
Professor John Connor
Arguments & Persuasion
23 February 2013
How Students Feel About Texting And Driving New Jersey has a Cell Phone & Driving law that affects all of its citizens. This law attempts to make the road a safer place, so it affects the lives of pedestrians and those who don’t own cell phones too, because everyone is in danger when a driver isn’t paying attention. In my Argument and Persuasion course, we are discussing this Cell Phone & Driving law, causing the class to take different sides. As opinions become more and more divided, I realize that this issue is very controversial. The New Jersey Cell Phone Law prohibits drivers from using handheld phones while driving. You may, however, use a speakerphone, a Bluetooth, a headset, or install a car kit. If you are caught using your cell phone while driving, you will be fined 100 dollars, and it is a “primary law” meaning that the officer doesn’t need a reason other than seeing your cell phone out to pull you over. Personally, I feel that the 100-dollar fine is too lenient. I have a friend who recently had his car towed out of a parking lot, and was fined 100 dollars, the same amount for using your cell phone and driving. I don't think the fine should be the same for something that is potentially life threating and something that is not. I think the fine should be between $500 and $1000. However, I recognize that not everyone agrees with me; some of my classmates think that the law is too harsh, or just right. In my Arguments & Persuasions class I have heard sides of the argument displayed that are different from my own. On one hand we have the individuals who believe that the law is too harsh, and on the other hand we have those who think that it is just right. When you’re in the car, there are many other distractions that can occur other than talking on…...

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...What is the topic of your speech? Texting and driving. 2. Are you speaking on a question of fact, value, or policy? Fact 3. What is your specific purpose statement? To persuade my audience to not text while drivingand pay more attention to the road. 4. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Specific Purpose Checklist on page 87 of your textbook? Yes 5. Is your speech meant to achieve passive agreement or immediate action from your audience? Passive agreement. 6. What is your central idea? Today, I will discuss reasons why you should not text and drive, the consequences of what can happen when you do text and drive, and some statistics showing the injury and fatality rate of this dangerous act. 7. Can you answer yes to all the questions on the Central Idea Checklist on page 92 of your textbook? Yes 8. What is the target audience for your speech? How will you adapt your speech to be persuasive to your target audience? Be specific. My target audience is everyone who currently texts and drives or knows someone who does it. 9. What method(s) of gaining attention do you use in the introduction? Presenting the audience with facts about texting and driving along with using visual aids and outcomes of texting while driving. Pjlskj 10. How do you establish your credibility in the introduction? I establish my credibility in the introduction by admitting to texting and driving and placing myself in the shoes......

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