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How I Prepare to Take a Test

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How I Prepare to Take a Test

Preparing for a test has been by far one of my greatest challenges. I will admit that I have terrible study habits and after all of these years I’ve seen little to no improvement. When it comes to studying I’m that person that will wait until the last minute. The bad part is my test scores have sometimes shown the lack of studying I’ve done unfortunately. I’m almost positive that everything that I do to prepare for a test is completely wrong but I will share how I actually prepare for a test. Procrastination is the name of the game! I will literally put off studying until the very last minute. Why do I think of a million other things I could be doing instead of studying? It’s simple, I just don’t like to study. I will literally crash all day on the day before the test not realizing that I was putting extra stress on myself. During my younger days I wasn’t pressured about my study habits but now that I’m older I haven’t put much thought into improving until now. Maturity doesn’t always come with age, but fortunately for me I know what I must do to succeed. I usually do a lot of highlighting in the book or my notes which I think is good! The problem is I don’t go back over them like I should. I take great notes and I know for a fact that I do. Many times after a test I went back to review my notes and everything was right there. How can I take such great notes and still fail a test? I know that has to be the craziest thing ever and to make it worse I’ve had classmates utilize my notes better than I ever have. Whenever I don’t want to do something I have to force myself and I hate it. I should do certain things simply because I know it’s the right thing to do. The best thing about my situation is that I’m in a class that is fully preparing me for what I am up against. When I finally prepare for a test I have to get in my comfort…...

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