Homework #2 Implicit Association Test

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Florida International University
MAR 4503 Consumer Behavior
Fall 2015, Section U01
Dr. Jayati Sinha

Homework #2
Implicit Association Test

October 12, 2015
(1) Describe your experience doing the demo test. What did you expect would happen? Did the results surprise you? Do you think the results are a valid measure of your implicit attitudes? Why or why not? In your answer, be sure to consider the issues raised in the FAQ page.

I believe that in the domain of intergroup discrimination like race, age, and sexual orientation the Implicit Association Test does better than self-report at predicting behavior. I also understand that I may not say what's on my mind either because I am unwilling or because I am unable to do so. The unwilling-unable distinction is like the difference between purposely hiding something from others and unconsciously hiding something from myself. The Implicit Association Test makes it possible for me to penetrate both of these types of hiding. The Implicit Association Test measures implicit attitudes and beliefs that we are either unwilling or unable to report.

(2) How could you use this technique to test consumer attitudes towards any brands? Would you expect the results to differ from explicit measures of attitudes? Why or why not?

-Tapping consumer insights in such a way more appropriately captures the richness of consumers' perceptions, feelings, and attitudes toward a brand.

-Allows for indirect measurement of attitudes on multiple dimensions than on a single evaluative dimension only.

-Providing strong evidence for its reliability, validity, and sensitivity.

-Add up to a more abstract overall…...

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...After taking part in the Implicit Association Test, where I chose to take the race test, my results suggest that I have a slight automatic preference for European Americans compared to African. Although it is difficult to admit, I would have to somewhat agree with these findings. Upon first seeing the results, my immediate thoughts, were, “this can’t be right!” I thought that, “this test doesn’t take into account a person’s mindset at the time their taking it or how alert they are.” Once I sat back and really gave it some thought, I had to admit to myself that it was correct. I love my African-American people, but in certain situations, such as where I choose to live, I have been prone to being where it is predominantly European American. Although it is an interesting test, being able to accurately gauge prejudice, in my opinion, is impossible mainly because ones feelings and beliefs can change so often. Also because of those, as described in our readings, that may take the test that can be labeled as the timid-bigot. Outwardly, they admit to loving every man, but inside, it the opposite. I believe, when confronted they would not be honest about their feelings for fear that the findings would somehow come back to hurt them. The Bogardus Social Distance Scale is another means by which sociologists gather information to calculate prejudice. In this test, people are asked how willing they would be to interact with various racial and ethnic groups in......

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...Implicit Association Test Gina Pylka ETH/125 October 27, 2013 Constance Dolecki Implicit Association Test I found taking a couple of the tests on the IAT homepage interesting. The test I took said I had an automatic preference for young compared to old. I found the results something to think about. I would of said I had no known preference. In examining our own prejudices I think we automatically respond in terms of race and ethnic backgrounds. There are so many other areas in life where our prejudices surface. My understanding of prejudice is a negative attitude towards an entire group of people. By this simple explanation after taking this test it becomes clear to me that without even realizing it there is a prejudice because I prefer one group to another. This being the case for most of us I will assume for right now. I would have to say that prejudice would be difficult to measure. Some prejudice is very clear and directly out in the open. Some examples would be in how we respond to other’s because of the where they live or how they dress. Jumping to conclusions about someone without getting to know them is such a loss for everybody involved I personally feel. What has come clear to me in this weeks assignments is that no matter how hard we try I think we are always prejudice against others. The lines aren’t always clear when it comes to how we approach or avoid people as we go about own individual lives. Boundaries can shift as things happen to us or around......

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...Implicit Association Test Susan Whitebird ETH/125 April 15, 2012 Jamie Fox I took the Skin-tone IAT. The results of my test were light skin- dark skin. Strong 30%, moderate 27% and slight 10%. I believe that the test did not produce valid results for me. I do not care what the color a person’s skin is; it is what is on the inside that counts. We could all be the same color on the outside, but all of us have a difference in opinion and a way of thinking on the inside. I do not think some kind of test is going to tell certain people that they like light skin, compare to dark skin. Yes it is difficult to accurately measure prejudice. How can you measure prejudice, even before meeting someone, or having any knowledge about who they are? It is just like seeing someone for the first time and saying that they are a bad or good person. You do not know that just by the way the person looks, or talks, or what clothes they are wearing. How does a computer tell you any of that stuff? Other than the IAT test there is the Bogardus Social Distant Scale. This is a psychological testing scale to measure ones willingness to partake in social contacts. Social distance test is for telling the distance between different groups. Maybe they can hire someone, to do interviews all around the world. I still do not think any of the information would be right, because even today people do not always tell the truth. I thought that the test was interesting, and a little fun, in a...

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...The tests that I chose to take this time on the Harvard Implicit Association Test was the test on weight and the test on skin tones. For the weight Implicit test, I was neutral; it stated that I preferred over weight and underweight people equally. For this particular test it was completely accurate. When it comes to weight, I have no preference; people are still people and deserve the same chance in life as the next person in line. Even when it comes to relationships, I’ve never been one to judge based upon the physical features because to me a appearance of a person is only a bonus. As a shocker, this test was beyond accurate coming from the other tests in which I’ve taken. This test showed that I have to difference in feelings towards heavy weight, underweight and average weight for our country. I’ve already stated that relationships never were judged based upon weight, but the other reason weight doesn’t bother me because I never felt like I had the right to judge anyone. It’s for a person to love themselves or not, it’s not my decision to hurt someone’s feelings just because I dislike the way they look. Furthermore, as a young child before I had my growth spurt at 13, I was a chunky little kid and my family despised that one part about me and made me feel horrible until one day an older woman sat me down and told me I was beautiful whether big small or in between. So I feel like these things all have to do with why I’m neutral towards weight. The next test I took......

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