Hiring Dilemma

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Hiring Dilemma
By Vivian Jackson

A company trying to get started in the evolving business industry, can easily lose sight of the goal by employing personnel that do not meet the qualifications and standards needed to make a bold move to the future. There are many exciting aspects to job hunting and there is an even bigger decision when hiring the right candidate for the position. The position requires substantial knowledge of the duties to be performed, a set of moral standards and definite fairness across the board. When hiring, nepotism should be eliminated and preferential treatment. All positions should be based on merit and honest qualifications. If the hiring process were to cater to the needs of those in desperate need, there will be many shortcomings that the organization would not be able to overcome. I have weighed the thought process of hiring because of a favor and would it be possible to truly appreciate the work ethics of someone you hired unethically. The entry-level position at VJ Productions entails significant dedication and attention to detail. The position will require the applicant fulfill all job descriptions and duties. There will be no additional training, the job will be fast paced and the necessity to implement task immediately. In all fairness to the position, there can be no favoritism or special preferential treatment. The moral high ground is the best choice for the job, the company and the fellow employee’s involved. Nevertheless hiring and eager worker that is willing to learn and dedicated to making things happen would be the best choice for the position. And employee ager to work is always a positive attribute to the organization. Exploring the norm and outside the norm could be extremely beneficial to the betterment of the organization. I reviewed the resume’s to determine the best qualified…...

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