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When I was in grade 4, one of my loved ones passed away. He was one of my closest relatives, my uncle. He was taken from us very early and swiftly. All of us were so sad and we really felt the loss of his passing. He has a good paying job as an engineer in the Bureau of Fire. He and my father are first cousins but they treat each other just like brothers because they lived and grow up together in lola’s house. My sisters and I considered him as our second father because he cares for us too. He is a very good person. It was four years ago when he passed away. He joke around at times at we always laughed at that. He’s the kind of person that makes you laugh and smile even after a very long and tired day, like he wants to see the smiles and laughs of the person in his surroundings and the ones he loved. Until now, we still remember him as our tatay and we really missed him so much. It was hard for us because he’s the person that makes you feel happy out of the blue, like he’s the life of the party. Even though he’s not here on earth with us anymore but I know he’s just watching us from above and I still can feel his presence especially if I’m with one of his children. He will always stay in our hearts and mind forever. Whenever someone open up the topic with him as the subject, instead of remembering our mourning, we just think the happy memories we’ve made when he was still here and hope for the best and stay strong.
Experiencing light after shadow is hard to overcome because you keep remembering things that are hard for you to forget. Everything happens for a reason. These experiences are a way for us to learn from it and keep it on mind and heart. Everyone of us keep asking why’s and how’s and instead of finding a way to overcome the shadow or the problem, we keep complaining and arguing. We enjoy reflecting on these experiences and positive…...

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