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Questionnaire E-Bike

1- What is your day-to-day transport?

a) Car b) Moto c) Bike d) Others

2- What distance do you do everyday?

a) 0-5 km b) 5-10 km c) >10km

3- Which is your monthly cost in transport? a) 0-50 b) 50-100 c) >100

4- Are you interested in a motorbike (e-Bike) ?

a) Yes b) No

5- Would you buy an e-Bike to take care about the environment?

a)Yes b)No

6- Do you think it is useful?

a) Yes b) No

7- What situation do you prefer?

a) A motorbike with a license with its advantages and extra cost. b) An e-Bike without license and without extra cost.

8- Do you think 1000-1600 euros is a reasonable price? a) Yes b) No

9- If not, how much would you pay for it? a) <500 b) 500-1000

10- Would you change something of the e-Bike? a) Accessories b) Motor c) Design d) Others

11- Would be a good idea to design your own e-Bike?

a) Yes b) No

Learning aspects

By writing the questionnaire we discovered that is quite difficult to do the right questions, because the questions have to be done thinking in the answer we want and the information we want to gather from the potential customer. Also, we figured out that questions have to be direct to the point and specific to have a straightforward answer.

When doing the questionnaire we noticed that is hard to have people willing to answer you questionnaire, therefore we arrived to the conclusions that questions have to be short and simple because people are in a rush or might not give you time to ask the questions.

We have found some advantages and disadvantages of the questionnaire

Large amounts of information can be collected from a large number of people in a short period of time.
The results of the questionnaire can be quickly and easily be…...

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