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RUNNING HEAD: TEAM B – The Foundation Schools Generic Benchmarking Worksheet

The Foundation Schools Generic Benchmarking Worksheet
Tiesha Brewster, Christopher Jones, Jonathan Moreno, Kicia Robinson
University of Phoenix
MMPBL 510/Implementing Organizational Initiatives
Jennifer Brodie
April 11, 2011

Table of Contents
Introduction.……………..…………………….…………………………………………. 3
Generic Benchmarking Worksheet.…..….….…………………………………………. 3
Individual Contributions…………………….………………….………………………… ?
References..………………………….……………………………………………………. ?

The Foundation Schools Generic Benchmarking Worksheet Task A: Problem/Opportunity Statement | Instructions for Task A: In the Response row, write out the problem/opportunity statements for the scenario for each of the team members. | Response to Task A: Tiesha: Foundation Schools are serving over 1,000 students and wanting to increase enrollment by 5% per year. The board has great ideas of adopting a new strategy that uses business development as the model to increase funding sources and revenues. Using the three year strategic program plan the board will include a number of new projects, visions, and plan. The board can continue with the new visions, projects, and plans for the schools by keep raising money, new ideas of raising money and keeping the directors educated with the innovations need to be the leaders in this field. Christopher: Foundation Schools is a non-profit schooling system created to benefit those students throughout the world that require special needs. Having become a leader in the area of special needs over the years, the growth of Foundation Schools continues to rise. With its reputation across the nation as one of the leading schools for special needs students, Foundation Schools is presented with both problem and opportunity. The problem comes in the form of funding, as the schools…...

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