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Psychology for Children and Adolescents: Development, Prevention, and Promotion
What I learned
Positive Psychology is used to determine how well a human will flourish and have optimal functioning in life.
The four levels of optimisms include genetics, environment, criticism of parents, and life experiences.
What are the techniques that are used in family centered positive psychology?

Research on Wellness of College Students
What I learned
College students experience a variety of stressor including classes, careers, and family.
College students are a difficult group to study but are used to conduct research due to the fact that college students range from 20-25 years of age a readily accessible.
Are there any longitudinal research studies done on the same college students based on their wellness throughout their undergraduate studies?

Subjective Well-being
What I learned
There are two aspects of subjective well-being which includes emotional reactions to life events and cognitive judgement of satisfaction and fulfillment.
In order to have subjective high well-being you must have a positive outlook, meaningful goals, and close social relationships.
Can subjective well-being be used as an intervention to help individuals that are suffering from depression have a positive outlook on life?

Wellness in later life: Research implications
What I learned
According to the 2013 statically data there were 44.7 million people in the United States that are 65 years of age or older and by 2060 that number will double to 98 million.
Older people have lower incidence of mental illness than younger people and are more resilient to responding to stress, transitions, and change.
According to research 2/3 of the disease and disabilities experienced by the elderly are from early life decisions, what are some…...

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