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Health Care Communication Methods
HCS/320 Health Care Communication Strategies
May 18, 2015
Kelly Hernandez

Health Care Communication Methods
Option 1: Nursing Home Administrator
As the Nursing home administrator it is my responsibility to ensure that communication between all staff members’ residents, and family members regarding the new policies of this facility which are in effect immediately. With the purchase of the national group, I will have to make sure that I understand the new policies and determine the best way to communicate it to the entire staff.
In addition, I will have to make sure that they are in compliance with the HIPAA rules and regulations which states that all physicians and covered entity know that patient health information is covered. A meeting would have to be set up with the all employees of the facility to explain to them how the new policies and procedures will be implemented, and what they will have to do to ensure they are followed so that the patients can continue to receive quality care.
As I meet with the medical staff to discuss the change in ownership, as well as the new policies and how they will be implemented, I will be reminding them that before any information can be given out about a patient a notice of privacy has to be communicated to the patient explaining how we will be giving out this information.
We will then submit to each staff member in the form of a memo, and for those who were not able to attend the meeting, it will be sent out via electronic communication (email) or in the form of a memo. All changes will be documented and placed in each department’s policy and procedure books. Where it effects the families of our patients, they will receive a copy of all changes, and it shall be posted in each department where it can be read any time. We will also be discussing a plan to get information to our…...

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