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Haunted Mansion

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Jonah Verdon
Have you ever been to the haunted mansion in Disney World, or Disney Land? If you have, than you know how amazing the eerie the effects are, and how detailed the scenery is, but did you know that there is a whole world of old storyline trashed props, and unused ideas, that are scattered throughout the attraction? As we go on, you will discover that this technological stepping stone could have been a very different ride, if it hadn’t been for several geniuses down at Disney!
First off did you know there was a storyline that went along with the ride? Although it’s not technically still a part of it, you can still see old ideas inserted into a new setting. Currently you rife through the “mansion” as a narrator talks to you about the different scenes you go through. The first difference we should look at is the narrator. Originally, the narrator was supposed to be a raven, inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. This idea was continued, even into the building of the ride, until two years before opening the ride they changed the concept. Now, the narrator is named the “Ghost Host”. The raven ca still be seen to this day (see below), however it only squawks.

Before the Haunted Mansion was a dark ride, it was a museum. The original concept was called “Museum of the Weird”. It was supposed to be a side show featuring a gothic undertone. You would walk through this museum and view gothic artifacts from all over the world. However, this idea was scrapped and all the engineers were transferred to a haunted mansion project.
As a result of the intense development process of the ride, there were some pretty cool effects! One of which is a scene where several ghosts have gathered for a ball in the royal ballroom (seen below). In this sequence, there is a lot to take in, such as dancing ghosts, an organ player with whips of smoke coming out of the pipes, ghosts swinging from the chandelier, and so much more!

But how did they do it? It is an illusion called “Pepper’s Ghost.” This is not a Disney original, actually. It consists of a sheet of glass, tilted at an angle, the animatronics beneath you, and the scene you want to project them on to. First you put light onto the animatronics (or actor) then, you tilt the glass so that it aligns the animatronics right up with the setting, and bam! You have your illusion. (below are the blueprints, and the actual animatronics! In conclusion, the haunted mansion is an amazing feat of engineering and creativity. There simply is nothing else in the word like it! From happy haunts to mystifying illusions, this fabulous dark ride has something for everyone!…...

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